Vision Statement

Education 20/20 Inc. is a broad based, national, not-for-profit education organization, located in Charlottetown, PEI and is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors; people who have demonstrated an interest in and knowledge of education but are not representative of any educational constituency.

Vision: A quality education for every Canadian.

Mission: To support and strengthen a culture of learning for all Canadians.

Mandate: To influence the evolution of our education system by providing information, encouragement and support for learner-centered education for all.

Beliefs about education:

  • Education is intended to help people function better in their various life roles
  • Education includes social-emotional growth as well as academic studies The future of our community will be shaped in a large measure by the education we make available to our citizens
  • Education is much broader than schooling; the two should not be confused
  • Education is a lifelong journey; support for education requires a similar perspective
  • Educating is a community endeavour
  • The primary role of the teacher is to facilitate learning.
  • A culture of learning promotes a quality education.
  • One’s education results from many meaningful learning experiences.
  • Learning is a 24/7 activity

An Education system that:

  • Emphasizes achievement not time served
  • Recognizes that the essence of a quality education is mutual respect among teachers, learners and learning stakeholders.
  • Includes meaningful assessment and feedback
  • Focuses on learning needs rather than subjects to be taught
  • Holds teachers accountable for helping learners reach education goals
  • Is outcomes based
  • Uses criterion referenced assessment
  • Supports independent learning
  • Helps learners prepare for qualifications and not just credentials
  • Operates on a evidence-based model

Initial priorities:

  • A focus on learners and learning
  • Quality information for the community at large
  • Broad engagement in the educating process

Our Mission

The mission of Education 20/20 Inc. is to improve the quality of education for every Canadian. Central to accomplishing this mission are the twin pillars of information and engagement: information being the fuel and engagement the cauldron of change. The nature and range of information about education available to the public does not reflect the significance of the subject; we propose to initiate some changes. Communication activities will focus on education, not just schooling, and the needs of learners and the learning process with our website as the hub.

Education 20/20


Don Glendenning, President

Bill Whelan, Vice President

Alice Taylor, SecretaryTreasurer

Tanya Craig

Donald DesRoches

Amber Jadis

Maureen Kerr

Katherine McQuaid

Tim McRoberts

Anne Miller


Foreign Correspondent

Tom White-Hassler