Excellence Award


For an education project that:

  • Addresses a community need
  • Builds upon the resources of the community
  • Community led
  • Capable of implementation

For the last several years Education 20/20 has made awards recognizing educational innovation and excellence of schools. This year the award will recognize a community organization or agency that proposes initiatives to improve the education of its citizens.

Proposals are solicited from any community group whether already existing or coming together for the purpose of making a submission. Initiative should be community led, address an actual community education issue, include activities that would actually be initiated if resources allowed, and be based on best practices and innovative thinking.

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Handle with Care (HWC)

A program designed for parents and caregivers

to promote the mental health (social and emotional well-being)

of children and families every day.

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Helping others on the road of life

Thanks to Louise Carota for capturing the above image of learners on the road of life.